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I am a dedicated Chennai escort girl, I have worked before in Chennai escorts agency and then I started my own Independent escorts agency for Chennai. I love Chennai, it has everything for me. Some of the richest people in India live in Chennai or have their office in Chennai and some of them are my client. I am Sweety a high profile female escorts in Chennai. I know what I want in life, my life is very interesting. No one can say that I run after love, people run after me with cash in hands to make love to me. I am an escort and I meet gentlemen in 5 start hotels or in their Villas or Bungalows.

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If you have money to afford my services, I am easily available to you. I am proud of my body, my skin, hair, my eyes in which most men have already found peace. I add spice to someone's life who seeks romance. A man must be a leader, I am not saying that like a politician but he must have control of at least his own life. If you can write your own destiny or if you have worked hard to live a stable and luxurious life then you deserve to meet nice and interesting women. I have dated rich people from several fields. I don't reveal any kind of information but most of them have been very nice to me and I also make sure that they get full girlfriend experience from me. That's why they call me best Chennai escorts.

I like a man who knows how to kiss a woman passionately. I'm a young girl in her early 20's and my many clients have been older than me, I love when they take me in their arms and when I am sitting in his lap with legs across each other and fully naked, his dick inside me. I just love that feeling, that much physical contact makes gives me nice orgasm. I have squirted a couple of times when a client is on medicine they really show me a very good time.

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